Under the Hood of Salto’s Kitchen

Chef Sean Boutot took over our back-of-the-house operations in February, during what was to become a challenging time for restaurant operations. His expertise in crafting elevated comfort food has been a comfort to us all. Cooking with his large Connecticut family influenced his creative passion in the kitchen. As a teen, he worked for his uncle’s restaurant and catering business which led him to enroll in The Art Institute of Colorado’s Culinary School. From Japanese to Mexican and American fare, Sean has cooked up multi-cultural meals in the world of restaurants. His Bahn Mi, Falafel sandwiches and Burritos here show his aptitude for delicious variety. Since Sean moved to Nederland in 2001, he managed Eldora’s Food & Beverage and served as executive chef at NedMex, Appaloosa Grill, and Reserve Casino Hotel. Chef has been refining Salto’s grab-n-go menu with agility and flexibility. We feel so fortunate to have him for his baking, pickling, braising, sauce, and skillet abilities. On September 10, our Pop Up Night at Salto will highlight his flavorful talents.

Charles Gustafson is Salto’s kitchen second in command. Joining our crew during the summer of 2014, he can fluidly fill any role. When he first visited Nederland in 2010, he knew that he would return to settle here. His background working for his dad’s restaurant in upstate New York, managing a grocery store’s prepared food section, and running a sandwich shop made him an ideal fit. Although Charles misses plating meals, the current café-style menu has allowed him to keep up with customer demand and show strength in meeting the times. A biker and coffee lover, The Clock Tower Collective has been feeding his quality of life through food, drink, outdoor activities, and community.

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