Salto Coffe Works Interior

The Path of Caleb’s Scenic Paintings

Caleb Windholz heals himself and others through his artwork. Painting has become his avenue to self health, where letting go of the outcome and enjoying the experience puts a smile on his face. For the viewer, his pieces invite the mind to wander down paths of contemplation, confusion, and/or appreciation. The subject matter he paints molts with each brush stroke, whether it’s a bird taking flight or an elk looking at its reflection. Since all beings share nature, his intention is to show wild surroundings and wildlife as part of our spiritual foundation.
As a child, Caleb relied on his sketch book and pencil as an emotional outlet. Drawing would abate his frustrations, so he regularly escaped into the pages of his sketch book while processing his surroundings. He honed into organic movements of people and captured the actions of street skateboarders on his pages. As a left handed artist, he turned to micron pens and cross hatching in order to quickly sketch the flows and rhythms of people. His artwork evolved into an impressionistic style, where he uses layers of Liquitex acrylic paint and a palette knife on canvas, plywood, or MDF board. Sometimes he uses one paintbrush to bring his creation to life and highlights the details with a small paintbrush. These days, he paints what is around him in Colorado, a personal expression of his gratitude for living here.
It was during the flood of 2013 when Caleb first drove through Nederland. The vibrations here spoke to him, and even as a youthful freshman in college, he knew that Nederland would become his home. Moving away from his small farm town in Kansas to head to college, he embraced the challenges of living outside his comfort zone. Leaving behind expectations of playing college football and attending medical school, he decided to reawaken his creative side half-way through college and paint his spirit animals. These lion and bear paintings remind him of self worth, skill, and future opportunities as a professional artist.
For the last four years, after majoring in organic chemistry, Caleb has prioritized his creativity. Every morning, he sets aside one to two hours to meditate, sketch, and drink coffee. He is learning how to break the cycle of self criticism, with guidance from close friends who encourage him to paint his heart out. The first time he exhibited his artwork was last May at Salto. Ready to show his best self, he will be displaying newly-created pieces from April 5 through April 26, his second showing at Salto. Celebrating this new exhibit on First Friday, Caleb will be onsite 5-9pm, and The Groovadors will play classic and original jazz, blues, and soul tunes 6-8pm.
Event Details: First Friday, April 5 – Featuring the Art of Caleb Windholz & Music by The Groovadors