Larger than Life – Laurence’s Art at Salto

Published December 6, 2018 — Laurence Delaunay Masters was one of the first customers at Salto Coffee Works and Tin Shed Sports. Soon after, her art was decorating their walls and featured during several First Fridays. The Nederland community, and beyond, always come out in droves to see what she has created. For this show, she has been working tirelessly in her home studio – on larger pieces that instantly draw you into the realm of nature in action.

Last April, Laurence decided to take a year off from BVSD teaching French in her pursuit of being a full-time painter. Using a palette knife, she captures her natural surroundings on canvas. Rocky Mountain wildlife, flowers, and landscapes influenced early abstract, and now more technical, works. She started painting in her 20s, teaching herself watercolors and then blending her own oil paints to express herself with big movements on canvas. Her signature style of neutrals splashed with bright colors bring moose, elk, owls, bears, and hummingbirds to life.
Coming from a family of artisans in coastal France, Laurence found Brittany’s Christian Sanseau to be her painting inspiration. Her parents were interior designers, crafting their own furniture, drapes, and paints. They re-created home decor to look and feel like antiques. Laurence’s bedroom was above their workshop, and the creativity spilled into her.
This month’s show pays special homage to a Great Horned Owl photographed at Arapaho Ranch. This peaceful owl has filled many cavasses, while two bull moose fighting has filled her largest piece to date, measuring 5 x 6 feet. Since Laurence has transitioned from hobby to professional painter, her works have evolved in terms of size, space, and subject.
Laurence’s art can also be seen in Boulder, at Le French Café and Spire (by appointment), and at Nederland’s Crosscut Pizzeria and Taphouse. She has been warmed by local establishments and residents embracing her art over the years and looks forward to unveiling her latest creations.
December’s First Friday celebration will also display a series of sculptures that Laurence molded out of clay, then painted and waxed. Noting Climate Change, she humorously depicts animals attempting to survive higher temperatures.
Keeping the energy high this evening, gypsy swing music will be provided by Chez Coucou. Their Jazz String Quintet borrows from the world of Jazz, whether American, European, or Latin standards dating back to the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

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