Karina the Roaster – what makes Salto so special…

Have you ever walked into Salto Coffee Works and smelled the delicious aroma of roasting coffee? Follow that scent and you will find Karina Luscher, owner and roaster.  She may be greening up beans, intently studying the roasting process via her computer, or leaning over a spinning batch of beautifully browned beans to hunt for anomalies that won’t make the cut. She often dons a pair of headphones to imply that it’s “do not disturb” time. It’s Karina’s time. It’s when she can focus on what she loves most about her propriety of Salto.

Karina’s passion for coffee began at age ten when she visited her grandmother in Zurich and was introduced to the French Press. A life-long pursuit of quality coffee was thus launched. She seeks out the best shot of espresso wherever she goes and is always studying the art to expand her knowledge. Her ultimate goal to work with coffee was realized in 2012 when Salto opened. The business also fulfilled her commitment to building community. Here is a place that allows good people to connect with good coffee.

Since Karina wanted to roast Salto coffee inhouse, she purchased a roaster designed to her specifications. Ensuring its taste and performance through the roasting process, she also had to seek out the best beans – those sustainably grown and traded from small cooperatives and farms, many of which support women growers.

As a coffee aficionado, Karina roasted, cupped, and tasted on repeat until 2014, at which point she perfected a blend that she felt proud to serve. Other blends, carefully designed and crafted, followed. A taste of Salto’s coffee, be it a shot of espresso, a mug of house press, or a cappuccino, is a testament to her commitment. She continues to make and sell the best product possible. Take home a bag of Salto Blend or Gypsy Blend coffee beans, and you will appreciate her efforts at your leisure. Join Salto’s subscription coffee club, and Karina will personally send you a bag of coffee every two weeks, no matter where you live!

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