Barista Highlight – Carrissa Coming & Going

November 15, 2017

In the service industry, it is not uncommon for employees to come through in a flash. Often times, a service job is a stepping stone or a chance to dip the metaphorical toe into the metaphorical community pool. Salto, just like other restaurants, has  had employees come and go, often after just a short time. Most of those  made only a slight tremor with their presence, however,  in this instance, this employee, made a major impact. In fact, it seems wrong to refer to Carrissa as an employee, because really, she is family.

Carrissa joined the  Salto clan just nine months ago. Nederland was not her original, intended destination. However, when she and Scout (her ten year-old dog and best friend) drove her van into Boulder, she knew it wasn’t the spot for them. Immediately, she got on Craigslist, saw a posting for Salto and was on her way. And when she arrived in Nederland, she knew she was home.

In her short time at Salto , Carrissa has, according to owner Karina Luscher, “put a spark” in the atmosphere here. Her skill, her endless energy, her professionalism and her excellent promotion skills (check out our Instagram feed) marked her as something remarkable, and we knew we had added an invaluable member to our family. Carrissa is so integrated in all aspects of Salto that it seems this place  has become her true home, with Scout hanging out on the patio.

However, it is with a deep sense of loss and sadness that we must say goodbye to Miss Carrissa. Her biological family needs her  back in Minnesota. We do hope that this is just a “so long” and that somehow her path leads her back to us. She will be missed by her co-works and customers alike. Pease send her off with your warmest wishes.

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