Customers at Salto Coffee Works



  • 8AM-5PM Sat & Sun
  • 8AM-3PM Mon & Thu & Fri
  • Closed: Tue & Wed

In the winter of 2011, we were deep into the design phase of what was to become a specialty coffee bar/cafe combined with a bike and ski shop. The name “Tin Shed Sports” was pretty easy to come up with, as it was derived from the appearance of the building (corrugated metal siding).  As work on Tin Shed branding began, Marcus and I still really didn’t know what to call the coffee side; and the clock was ticking.

Inspiration struck on a powder day. After skiing one of our favorite runs something clicked.  We looked at each other and said “What about Salto?” When we got home, we looked the word up and discovered that it is the Latin root word meaning jump, leap or bound.  Perfect fit for this endeavor.

Community cafe sums up best what we do here. Located next to Tin Shed Sports, our space is a true gathering place for locals and visitors alike for many activities; a launch pad for adventures into the high peaks or local trails, an evening fundraiser complete with slide shows and videos or down-home live bluegrass around our fireplace on the patio.

We are greatly appreciative to be a part of such an incredible groundswell in our town.